We were wondering how to eliminate our mortgage, especially getting closer to retirement. After talking to RPM, our mortgage is going well and truly down, and in the next 12-18 months we hope to wipe it out completely. RPM have fine staff that deserve a pat on the back. They helped us to buy an investment property which is fantastic, and we are definitely looking forward to home ownership.

We cover all aspects of property management, from completion and handover of the property, through to ongoing maintenance and management. Being part of the building company, we have the advantage of insight into building completion times and dates. Our focus on customer service to both the owner and tenants is our point of difference. We ensure that the property is well looked after and any issues are rectified effectively and efficiently. We carry out regular inspections, and promptly take care of any property maintenance, both within or outside of warranty.

We were recommended to RPM by my parents and it’s been an eye opening experience. Looking at our mortgage and super balances we knew we needed to take control, and find a smarter way to do things. Now we are on the way to having our mortgage paid off in 4 years, with 2 investment properties for our retirement, providing great tax rebates which we weren’t aware of. The support from RPM can’t be measured. Being a family business, it has that comfortable family feel. Our advice to others would be to stop wasting your time and money and speak to RPM.

My wife, being a police officer was skeptical, so she was happy to know that RPM have a number of police officers as clients. She even interviewed them all and heard great reviews about RPM and the service they provide. We didn’t have to do any research, it was all done for us, very easy and hassle free. And it made sense to use a professional to do all the work. Our tax benefits are huge which is great and we have noticed a massive reduction in our mortgage. We have now bought our 2nd investment property which we instigated with RPM. They suggested one first which made us feel so at ease with them. And we want to keep building on that.

We didn’t have much in super, so wanted to find a way to secure our retirement. We were referred by a colleague and have never looked back. When we bought our first investment property there was someone there with us every step of the way, both during and after hours. We were explained everything in detail and the girls in the office are great. We’ve never had a problem securing tenants for the property, Lloyd said RPM source great locations that will always attract people and he was right, people were queuing to lease the property, so we had numerous applicants to choose from. We feel really comfortable with RPM and are excited about buying our 2nd property.

Even as a property owner with no mortgage, I never took the necessary steps to offset my tax and improve my wealth for retirement through property investing. It has been a phenomenal experience investing in property with the assistance of RPM. They have been great, one phone call and everything you need is being taken care of. They are a great family business and are all there to help you achieve your goals. My advice to others is to have a chat to RPM.

We were skeptical at first, but once we spoke with Lloyd, our minds were at ease. We never felt like we were going to be mortgage free, plus our supers were only slowly increasing and with our retirement ages getting closer we knew that there had to be a better way to create flexibility and security for our futures. The expertise, help and support of RPM made buying an investment property and adapting to a better mortgage strategy an easy, painless process. It’s certainly working for us.

We were stuck in a mortgage rut, and wanted to find out how we could reduce it faster. Rpm have helped us with that and have been very positive, their staff are open and helpful, and now we hope to retire early. I would recommend to anyone to jump on board, as most people these days have big mortgages. This gives you control over your mortgage, and allows your future to look bright.

My wife and I were recommended to discuss means of reducing our tax, while building wealth and investing in rental properties by our accountant – his recommendation was we talk to RPM. Being people who are quite cautious with our finances, we were a little skeptical at first; however we made an appointment with RPM some 3 years ago, and literally have not looked back since. We are well on our way to paying off what was a substantial mortgage on our primary place of residence, while massively reducing our tax. RPM made it possible by doing all of the hard work with their integrity and professionalism at every step of the process.

Since 2003, my wife and I have been under the astute guidance of the RPM team. Over the past 10 years, we have built a portfolio of three investment properties which has enabled us to significantly reduce the mortgage on our home, and also provide us with financial security for the future. This has also significantly reduced our tax and increased our cash flow. We cannot recommend the talented people at RPM highly enough.

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